I just saw a photo and took it — Part 1

This is a collection of photos taken with my camera and my phone of things that I randomly saw and formed a photo in my head that I knew I had to take.

First, I want to highlight the photo above. It is one that was heavily (if not completely) inspired by Twenty One Pilot‘s song “Holding On To You”. This song is one of my favorites from them and since music is one of the strongest inspirations I find to create my stories and visuals, this photo was one I saw in my head easily. I took a photo of my own hand, taking care of the lighting and the background, and then post-processed it to achieve the look I wanted. It is a photo that portrays the struggle of holding on to something when darkness makes you believe nothing else is visible.

These next two photos below were taken with my phone and as I explained previously here, under good conditions I have managed to get pretty good results. The black and white one was taken when I was sitting on a chair in a room and saw the lighting coming through the window and curtains in front of me and I immediately knew it was a perfect setting for a monochrome photo. The second photo was a matter of working on a paper.


Now, the following photos were all taken with my camera and actually were more thought about. Still, the inspiration came from seeing different objects, lighting sources, and spaces that gave me some impression. All of these photos were taken with a 50mm lens.

So there you have. The biggest lesson I have learned from taking these photos is that we don’t need to go looking for what we believe is an extraordinary setting when we can have great things and places to photograph in our own houses or places we frequent.