Mobile Photography — Part 1

I want to start the first batch of photos by showing some of those that I have taken in recent years with my phone(s) in pretty normal situations.

As I didn’t own a proper camera, the only way for me to explore in photography was with my mobile phone, and since they have gotten so good in quality, there wasn’t really any struggle unless I wanted to make special stuff. That’s probably why I focused on taking landscape photos of the places I frequented.

When I upgraded my phone I was able to have a better camera resolution as well as performance, so sharpness was way better and the shutter speed was also improved which allowed me to take better photos on the go, like these two:

You can, of course, see the movement and lack of sharpness in many of the areas of the photos, but overall the camera did a pretty good job considering I took it in a not pavement road inside the car in movement.

Finally, here are some steady shots I took more recently (last year) with my phone of places I visited.