I am Sebastián, mostly known by the nickname Chevy. 23 years old from Colombia, almost graduated of Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication from Universidad de La Sabana.

I have developed a lot of skills in different areas thanks to the emphases I was able to take both in college and independently. Starting with digital editing of photographies and video including coloring, I trained myself to explore my creativity even before I started my degree, in which I also developed my skills in Script Writing, which led me to do my internship in a production company as a Junior Screenwriter. I also specialized in Film Production in the last year of my degree and therefore I have been a Producer in various audiovisual projects, including two short films (one of them being my graduation project). Also, before my degree started, I was a photography aficionado and after many classes, I developed more skills to continue my work in this field as an independent activity. Finally, I use to blog a lot and have developed three websites in the last five years, including strong knowledge in social networks.

I am Film Producer, Screenwriter, Photographer and Blogger with greatly developed editing and coloring skills.

If you want to contact me to say “hi”, for inquiries or job proposals, hit me up in the contact section or through any of my social networks linked below.